Capgemini Recruiting Exposed

Goal: To help warn others of the consistent dishonesty from the Capgemini and Sullivan & Worcester LLP team. To help prevent corporations from discriminating against military servicemembers.


Capgemini Lies exposed

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This site is under construction. It was fully functioning, however, Eric Harris of Capgemini sent a threat letter to our webhost, who deleted our page due to his threats, even though this site was fully compliant. The webhost sent the site owner a request for information within two days, however, the site host was away on active duty military orders and was unable to respond or save the wbsite code. Note -- we have included linkedin profiles to prevent individuals who share the same name with the individuals involved in this matter from being wrongly identified. The purpose of this website isn't to embarass the individuals involved. It is to try and protect others from having this done to them by individuals like Matt Haller. Thus far, there has been no justice or accountability for the individuals involved. As a member of the U.S. military, I definitely feel it is my duty to help protect others from having the same injustice done to them by the Capgemini and Sullivan & Worcester team.

WHAT did they do?
Capgemini rescinded a job offer without cause from an applicant months after the offer had been accepted, and after the applicant had turned down all other job offers from other firms. Capgemini did this in an extremely disrespectful manner -- they simply dropped communication with the newly hired employee. Maria Muetterties took over the process from Nanci Ferrari. During the process, the employee asked when he could start, as he wanted to coordiate this with joining the Air Force Reserve, and would at some point need to leave for boot camp. Maria Muetterties advised the employee she would need to speak with her manager and call him back. When Maria Muetterties of Capgemini finally called the new hire to let him know that his job offer had been rescinded, she did not provide the reason why. When the situation was escalated to her Manager, Krista Harris, Krista Harris knowingly lied to the new employee and refused to discuss the reasoning. This caused the new employee significant stress because he thought there may be incorrect information in his background check that led to the job being rescinded. It was later confirmed, however, that it had nothing to do with the employee. The employee was given nuemrous different versions of why his offer was pulled by the Capgemini team. Initially Krista Harris and Maria Muetterties stated they didnt know. Nanci Ferrari ghosted the new employee. Matt Haller, stated he no longer needed the staff. Deceptively, he no longer needed the staff right after he found out that the staff member was in the process of joining the United States Air Force Reserve. He then made no effort to honor the employee's employment contract -- which promised a signing bonus, a relocation bonus, and a severance package that the employee was entitled to since he was essentially terminated without cause. Furthermore, it was clear that the reason Krista Harris did not just find the employee another position with the company was due to the employee's desires to join the Air Force Reserve. It is very obvious discrimination took place in this situation.

What did Michael S. Palmisciano and Gerry Silver do?
Michael S. Palmisciano, continues to slander the former employee by sending our web host false allegations that trademark infrigement is occuring. Gerry Silver formerly brought a case against the former employee to try and usurp the domain However, the case was ruled in favor of the former employee, and he was allowed to keep the domain They continued to send false allegations against the site owner while he was away on active duty military orders and unable to defend himself. The harassment, slander and libel from Michael S. Palmisciano has unforunately been confirmed as continuing as recently as August 21st, 2017.

What did Krista Harris do?
Krista Harris knowingly lied to the new employee, making matters much worse. To the best of our knowledge, Capgemini did not take any action against Krista Harris for knowlingly lying to the new employee. Krista Harris sent the following email, which was later proven to be false:

Maria Muetterties and her boss, Krista Harris discriminated against the employee due to his intention to join the Air Force Reserve. This is illegal, but hard to prove so Krista Harris likely did not anticipate any negative consequences ... and there have not been any. Krista Harris was able to get away with this with no repercussions whatsoever. This site should be viewed by:
  • Capgemini Applicants
  • HR Staff at Capgemini
  • Colleges that allow Capgemini to recruit at their career fairs

Mission Statement

"To warn others of employment discrimination against military members by Maria Muetterties and her superiors, to prevent others from losing job opportunities due to Matt Haller's negligence, and to repair the damage done by Gerry Silver's continued libel and harassing letters to our webhost."